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Results and benefits

Results and benefits
Flexi-Panel is most commonly used for passive grading, splitting the population in a cage to allow for selection and harvesting of the larger, faster-growing fish.
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About Flexi-panel

About Flexi-Panel
'Flexi-Panel' is a patented passive-grading device for size-grading live fish in the water. 
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The direct financial benefit of using the Flexi-Panel to size grade farmed salmon prior to harvest can clearly be seen in our case study.
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Other Uses for Flexi-Panel

We have been able to demonstrate very good results using the Flexi-panel as a device to reduce the by-catch of unwanted species in trawl nets.

Trials were carried out on Blue Whiting trawls in the Faroe Islands by the Faroese Fisheries Laboratory resulted in a 95% reduction in by-catch of Cod and Pollock. The Flexi-Panel was then used as standard equipment in all Faroese Blue Whiting trawl nets. Research and development work is ongoing in Mackerel trawl nets.

More and more emphasis is now being placed on selective fishing methods, catching the target fish and letting the rest go. This is exactly what the Flexi-Panel does.
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