Flexi-Panel is a revolutionary fish-grading device.

It is designed to allow size-grading of live fish in the water - quickly, accurately and without physical damage to the fish.

Flexi-Panel is a revolutionary fish-grading device.

About Flexi-panel

About Flexi-Panel
'Flexi-Panel' is a patented passive-grading device for size-grading live fish in the water. 
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Flexi-Panel is most commonly used for passive grading, splitting the population in a cage to allow for selection and harvesting of the larger, faster-growing fish.
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Results and benefits

Results and benefits
The direct financial benefit of using the Flexi-Panel to size grade farmed salmon prior to harvest can clearly be seen in our case study.
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Flex-panel greatly improves fish farm productivity and efficiency by allowing farmers to select and harvest only high-value fish of optimum size, leaving smaller fish to continue their growth.

In short, Flexi Panel allows fish farmers to earn more income from harvesting fewer fish. Please see our real-life case study to learn how Flexi-Panel can pay for itself in one use.

Of course, the principle of ‘passive grading’ is not new, but Flexi-Panel overcomes the problems associated with rigid grading grids which are heavy, damaging to fish and restrictive in terms of ‘grading area’.  Flexi-Panel’s lightweight, flexible construction allows very large areas to be easily and safely handled, allowing for quick and stress-free grading of large tonnages of fish.

The patented Flexi-Panel passive-grading device was originally developed for size grading farmed salmon but it is now used on Trout, Cod, Sea-Bass and Sea-Bream, with research and development currently ongoing with Tilapia, Barramundi, Cobia, Yellow-Tail and other species.


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