Mission and Values

About Flexi-panel

'Flexi-Panel' is a patented passive-grading device for size-grading live fish in the water. 
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Using Flexi-panel

Flexi-Panel is most commonly used for passive grading, splitting the population in a cage to allow for selection and harvesting of the larger, faster-growing fish.
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Results and benefits

The direct financial benefit of using the Flexi-Panel to size grade farmed salmon prior to harvest can clearly be seen in our case study.
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Our mission

Solutions and services that optimize production and enables a sustainable, cost-efficient and safe aquaculture industry.
AKVA group is a global technology and service partner that deliver technology and services that helps solve biological challenges within the aquaculture industry. Good operational performance and fish welfare ensures sustainability and profitability for the customer. This is the premise for everything we deliver, from single components to services and complete installations. In-depth aquaculture knowledge, extensive experience and a high capacity for innovation characterizes and enables us to deliver the best solutions for both land based and cage based fish farming.

Our value


Our customers are always first in line. We take pride in listening and being helpful in order to provide our customers with the best service and solutions.


Skilled employees with versatile knowledge is the key to develop innovative solutions and service based on our customers’ needs.


In AKVA group we are proud of keeping our promises. If necessary, we will walk the extra mile to get things right.


Our common enthusiasm keeps us moving forward together. Being enthusiastic about what we do and having fun at work is an important part of our culture.


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